High-resolution scans of TBL's 1989 proposal

Thank you, Robert Cailliau: http://www.cailliau.org/Alphabetical/W/WWW/History/1989Proposal/

These are in .psd format, and file number 5 is corrupted. Robert is looking for another copy of that one. Location of the original document still unknown.


I think that this tool could help youngsters to get people get into computing then develope on it

Oh, how I long for the innocence of the web 1.0, I remember when images first started appearing on web pages, we were so excited and knew for sure that something big was afoot and it was so easy to get involved, all you really needed to know was a hand full of basic html tags to build a webpage, there was a pioneering spirit abound and no evil existed, it felt like you were part of a community that did not deal in currency but instead traded with idea's, information and knowledge, everybody was very kind and ready to help you understand this new medium without asking for anything in return. The commercialization of the web was inevitable and is without a doubt the world changing invention of our time, up there with airplanes and electricity. I feel really fortunate to have been a part of this evolution from the start but the age of innocence on the web has been gone for a very long time, I hope when she matures there is both an intelligent adult and a curious child still within her.

Thank you for your initiative to keep the fragile virtual world history.
However ".psd" file is certainly not the best image file format to share knowledge and spread it to the world.
Moreover when we're talking here about the WorldWideWeb, don't you think?
What about convert them to an open readable format? By choosing PNG format for example, the size is even 40% smaller without loss. (save disk space, bandwidth, planet...)
I would be pleased to do the conversion if it helps.
Anyway, you did a great job, thanks again.


The three words on the first page always makes me smile "Vague but exciting...".

Looking back on that, almost 25 year old, document does take me back to that time having to use VAX mainframes to talk to the world and not the laptop that this comment has been written on.

I don't know what happened, but the site linked seems to be down. Can someone contact Robert so he can put the files back up?

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