LMB hack days: Angela Ricci

An interview with Angela Ricci at the line-mode browser hack days. 

Angela Ricci at the line-mode browser hack days. Brian Suda codes in the background (Image: Anna Pantelia/CERN)

Name: Angela Ricci
Nationality: Brazilian
Travelled from: France
Profession: Web designer and front-end developer

Why did you come to the CERN line-mode browser development days?

I'm here to recreate the first web pages and the first line-mode browser. I'm here to be part of something important for the web and for my profession as a web designer and developer.  

Why is recreating the line-mode browser important?

It's important to remember, to recall where we came from and to retrace our paths from the beginning right up till what the web is today. To be able to see how we evolved, how technology has evolved, and how web design has evolved with it.

I think we have lost a lot of things along the way. Losing information is a part of the process. But I think that going back, as we are doing now, is like a cycle: we learn a lot, then we do things badly again, so we have to go back again to keep learning.

What are you hoping to achieve in the next two days?

I really hope to build something that will let us show people – and not just geeks but 'normal' people too – that the web is really a wonderful, amazing thing. It's something they have to care for and pay attention to. People use it every day but don't pay attention. Just think how many people work on the web, and how much effort they put in.

What sparked your interest in the web at the beginning?

It's so long ago that I don't remember really. I started working on the web in ‘94. I came from desktop publishing. In the web I found a flexible new way to create and produce documents and to design layouts. So much more flexible than having something frozen in a page on paper.

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