1. Document and share the line-mode browser experience

    The line-mode browser was a text-based browser that could be used by simple terminals: recreate the experience of using it

    10 note(s)

  2. Document and share the NeXT browser / editor experience

    The first browser built by Tim Berners-Lee was far from primitive: enable people to experience it

    6 note(s)

  3. Preserve the data on the NeXT machines

    Preserve the ones and zeros on the first web server(s) used by Tim Berners-Lee

    4 note(s)

  4. Provide an archive of documentation related to the birth of the web

    Create a repository for important documentation and link to existing sources

    9 note(s)

  5. Restore first URL

    Restore the files that existed at the first URL back to their earliest possible iterations

    6 note(s)

  6. Restore IP addresses and machine names

    Where possible, the original IP addresses and machine names mentioned in documentation should be restored

    4 note(s)

  7. Restore original protocols to info.cern.ch

    The first web server originally ran Telnet and gopher: restore these

    1 note(s)

  8. Take steps to preserve the NeXT hardware

    Document the machine configurations, service hardware, source spare NeXTs

    6 note(s)

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