Preserve the data on the NeXT machines

Preserve the ones and zeros on the first web server(s) used by Tim Berners-Lee

1999 backup of TBL's NeXT hard drive surfaces

I got a phone call from a rather excited Peter Jurcso this morning, a colleague in the CERN Beams department:

"I hear you're tracking down old web stuff."

"Yes," I replied. "Amongst other things."

"I have a 1999 backup of the NeXT hard drive. Would you like it? I can come by around midday."

True to his word, Peter turned up with a CD.

First thing we did was to back it up in a couple of different places, fingers trembling.

Help with the NeXT

We had some good leads this week for help with the NeXT which I thought I would share here briefly in response to a number of "what's happening?" queries we are getting.

We want to  do a couple of things with the NeXT: 

Huge interest

We were quite astonished at the level of interest in the project when it was announced yesterday, on the twentieth anniversary of CERN making WWW royalty free. Hundreds of thousands of people came to check in on the first website and to learn about the project to restore it.

We have a great number of leads that came up following yesterday's publicity. People who have old machines lying around; copies of files that may be of use; expertise; ideas; stories. This is fantastic. Thank you.

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