Can you recompile the line-mode browser?

We want the developers who are coming to CERN to create a line-mode browser emulator to get their hands on the real thing. We are working to set up an old-school terminal or computer to run the browser natively with local files. We would also like to recompile the browser to work on modern operating systems so that every developer can have a copy on their machines for test.

Do you have C programming chops? Are you willing to give it a go? The files that you would need to do this - I think - are here, and available as a downloadable archive here.

Spread the word - any help appreciated!


Félix Sparelli got it working (based on a different github repo I found for the LineMode browser).

Directions are here for ubuntu - important parts at the start, then around 29:00m in:

But now I've got a working version of the LineMode browser for reference during the dev days project!

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